Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Darwin Phone

I used to be an Iphone user. I had the first one when it came out, I couldn't be happier. Then I got the 3GS and loved all the cool things you could do wit it. I had it with me at all times. However, after the whole Google Voice, Latitude debacle I started to get a little bit disappointed to how Apple was managing their App store and approval process. Apple is pretty much out of control. It is so bad that I am afraid that apple might not want to sell me anymore products after they read this review.

When Google started to talk about Android and the idea of having all google services integrated on one phone I got very interested and kept my ears up.

After the launch of Droid I started to pay more attention and even tried out a couple Droid phones. I didnt really have any intention of switching from AT&T and the Iphone anytime soon.

About a month ago I had to purchase a new phone for one of a new employee and I didn't really want sign up for another 2 year contract and get another Iphone (specially with the new model probably coming out next year). I then started to look into the Nexus One.

I had already read about how an unlocked Nexus One is actually cheaper than the Iphone and even though Tmobile was the only carrier, I figured that for 79$ per month, no contract and unlimited everything it was probably worth giving it a shot.

Am I glad I decided to go with the Nexus One.... I try not to be bias but this phone is much more useful to me than the iphone ever was.  For example:

  • I can go to a website, download any file I need and dump it into my NAS. 
  • I can use Google Voice natively - it will work without you even noticing you are using google voice. 
  • I can do many things at once - such as: upload a video to youtube, listen to music and check my email.. while receiving Google Talk messages.
  • I easily setup tethering from the Nexus One to my laptop, in about 2 minutes and yes, I can talk on the phone and tether at the same time.
  • The colors on the screen are sharper than any other smartphone I have ever seen.
  • Widgets, widgets, widgets!

It is simple.. imagine your computer, okay. Now imagine it in your yeah, anything you would do from your computer you can do from Nexus One. So you may ask me: is the nexus one perfect? No, definitely not because of these reasons:

  • The keyboard interface is not as smooth as the Iphone
  • The typing prediction is not as good as the Iphone
  • You dont have as many apps
  • The screen kinda sucks if you are out in the sun.
  • Tmobile should change its name to Tbagger mobile because their service sucks.

However, the first three reasons can all be "fixed" by the users and developers.. because it is an open source system.  And the last reason now is irrelevant because Nexus One now works with AT&T and soon will work with Verizon and Sprint.

The Iphone is intuitive and fun.. but so is a piece of chalk and a sidewalk. My son is a bright little 4 year old and he has told me exactly why he prefers the Iphone to my Nexu - in his own words: "Nexus is hard to use and there are no games in it" . He is right: compared to the Iphone the Android system is pretty unintutive. It is not as bad a blackberry, windows mobile or palm but it is not anything like the Iphone.  Does that mean that the Nexus One is a "geek only" phone? no. Think about it for a second: is the Wii hard to use? no.. is a computer hard to use? well, if the only thing you ever used was a Wii then yes, it will be hard to use a computer.  I don't want to be too harsh but the iphone is a toy compared to nexus one.

With all my respect to my faith, if people call the Iphone, the "Jesus Phone" then it would just make sense to call the Nexus One the Darwin Phone. Go do yourself a favor and please evolve to Nexus.

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