Dual SATA HDD Multi-Function Dock with One Touch Backup

Review and ordering:

I read the Engadget review on the dual sata brando dock and thought it would be a good idea for hdd cloning and just plain dual hdd access.
After checking out Brando's website I ordered the device and it arrived in one week.

Initial Frustration:

I plugged it in and did not have much luck, I couldnt get my computer to recognize the device and/or my computer would freeze when I plugged the device in. I then figured that it probably had to do with the fact that maybe my motherboard did not support Port Multiplier Esata.. I then purchased an specific Raid card that supported PM. Guess what? it still didn't work.. after screwing with it for days I decided to email Brando. I sent them a desperate email on a Saturday night.

Best Customer Service I have ever seen in a while:

Guess what? Sunday morning I had an email on my inbox. Lawrence from Brando had answered me few minutes after I sent my email. He asked me some questions about my setup and after I wrote them back with the diagnosis he said they would send me a new device the following week. I was very impressed by the level of professionalism and on how quick I heard back from them.

Yey! it works!

They emailed the tracking number and in 4 days I had a new device and voi-la.. it was a painless installation. thank you Brando and thank you Engadget for the review.

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